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Progressive Management Associates (PMA) differs from other consulting firms. Our communication style is honest, direct, and straightforward. We believe communication is the key behavior that drives organizational success and achievement, so we tell it like it is — not necessarily what you want to hear.

Founded in 2000 by Stuart Friedman, PMA has worked with hundreds of satisfied clients in a variety of industries ranging from professional service firms, manufacturers, and distributors; to publishers, software companies, and insurers and health care providers.

PMA guides you through the unknown so you can move forward with certainty as you create a common framework from which your team can communicate effectively and achieve. We seek to boost The Relevance Factor™ in your active communication behavior so that staff at all levels hear 100% of your message. (Learn more about The Relevance Factor™).

PMA’s mission is to maximize performance by quantifying and factually measuring your company’s “human dynamic” (the skill sets, communication styles, and leadership qualities of people at all levels of your organization). As a result, you gain insight around the specific traits and behaviors of your leaders and teams—critical knowledge and understanding that others may not perceive.

What clients are saying about Stuart Friedman

Thank you for the exceptional job you did leading our off-site leadership retreat. These events usually have a lot of ‘consultant speak’ and concepts difficult to put into practice. You focused us on real-life challenges and demanded that we use the new skills you shared to move forward. There was no ‘fluff’– just real substance.

Dave Pottruck, Former CEO, Charles Schwab and current Chairman of the Board High Tower Advisors
…all of us had some experience with “off-sites,” “team-building,” and programs designed to help us “communicate better,” yet our experience with Stuart surpassed all expectations. A consummate professional with a vigorous attention to detail and keen sense of humor, Stuart elegantly balanced teaching theoretical materials with facilitating tactical and detailed discussions about our business.

Elliot Weissbluth, CEO, HighTower Advisors
As an Executive Coach, Stuart Friedman tailors his approach to the needs of clients, drawing upon his vast experience working with strategic leaders to push individual thought engines in pursuit of personal and career aspirations.

Mary Ellen Frese, Sr. Director Customer Care, Hu-Friedy Mfg. Co. LLC
Stuart Friedman’s blend of humor, irreverence, intensity, and real-world expertise were just what we needed to help guide, the organization to improved profitability, a $1.6 million increase in operating earnings, and a 14% reduction in costs in just six months. Stuart Friedman’s ability to help our organization clarify goals, commit to outcomes, and hire the right people was pivotal to our results.

Mary Sheehan, CEO, Midwest Palliative and Hospice CareCenter, MBA, MSN, RN
The audience genuinely identified with his message, which was simultaneously practical, inspiring and absolutely on point. His approach is remarkably effective and his content insightful and timely. Everyone seemed re-energized by having been entertained, informed and given useful tools to take back home. I would highly recommend Stuart Friedman… With both substance and style, he delivers.

Mark Murray, CEO/President, Healthcare, Chairman of the Board of NHPCO

Stuart Friedman is…

… a Business Visionary who, as a top executive for a Fortune 500 company, embarked on a three-year journey to build a $750 million services division employing 5,500 and far exceeding corporate financial and customer service expectations.

… an Experienced Consultant who is not your typical consultant or coach. He doesn’t just tell you what you want to hear. He creates environments that inspire interaction, self-awareness, and results. With a communication style that is honest and direct, Stuart uses humor, the power of the analogy, and insight to balance teaching conceptual ideas with facilitating tactical discussions aligned with the behaviors of clients. His powerful insights into the challenges facing leaders every day make him a vital part of any results-oriented strategy.

… a top-rated International Speaker who has conducted more than 500 presentations and 175 speaking engagements around the world. He draws on his coaching and consulting experiences in various industries—ranging from dental instrumentation and cast-iron manufacturing, to hospices and financial advisory services, and ranging in size from start-ups and individual entrepreneurs to 5,000 employees and $500 million in annual revenue—to share his insight as to what drives organizational success and achievement.

Results Driven and committed to helping his clients achieve their strategic outcomes and heart-felt desires. He guided an organization from a projected $1.7 million loss to realizing a $20,000 profit in a four-month period; and guided a Vice President to promotion as partner in one year versus a projected three-year time frame.

Author of the book, Break Free From JobJail®…and You Don’t Have To Quit Your Job!  Stuart writes from his experiences working with owners, CEOs, and senior leaders to achieve strategic outcomes, increase organizational profitability, and guide individuals toward achieving their heart-felt desires.

Create the Success You Choose

With Progressive Management Associates as your partner, you can make progress with certainty. Contact PMA founder Stuart Friedman ( to engage in proven processes for provoking and motivating to achieve your strategic outcomes and heart-felt desires.

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PMA works with CEOs, senior executives, and their teams from a variety of industries ranging from professional service firms to manufacturing and distributors, to publishing and software companies, to insurers and health care providers and many others.

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