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Stuart Friedman is a business visionary, experienced consultant and top-rated international speaker who has conducted more than 500 presentations and 175 speaking engagements around the world. He is committed to helping his clients achieve their strategic outcomes and heart-felt desires. He draws on his coaching and consulting experiences in various industries—ranging from dental instrumentation and cast-iron manufacturing, to hospices and financial advisory services, and ranging in size from start-ups and individual entrepreneurs to 5,000 employees and $500 million in annual revenue—to share his insight as to what drives organizational success and achievement.

Great Leaders Know That Changing Their Environments to Achieve Results Requires Cultural Change

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In general, Pat has been satisfied with the growth of her company over the years, and the current rate of 18 to 20% incremental revenues has the CEO pleased going into the third quarter of 2013.

Pat, however, tends to be impatient and wants greater growth sooner. For her “pleased” and “satisfied” aren’t good enough.

Two […]

Great Leaders Make Cultural Shifts to Make Shifts in Expected Results

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Pat the CEO has been accepting of the growth of her company over the years. The rate of 18-20 percent incremental revenues has Pat pleased going into the third quarter. The issue is that Pat is somewhat impatient and wants greater growth and sooner.

Two years ago Pat was at a similar position with her […]

Great Leaders Know How People Need to Hear a Message

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Frustrated over his team’s failure to complete an assignment, Pat the CEO called a “special” meeting with his direct reports. He sent one email announcing nothing but the date, time, and venue. Because the meeting was not at their regular Monday morning time as expected, you can imagine the stories/gossip that ensued.

What precipitated this […]

Great Leaders are Interested in Their People’s Success

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Twelve vice presidents are seated at a large rectangular table, looking at each other and wondering what to do. Their company’s latest software release went out with bugs and frantic clients are calling to demand immediate fixes.

Until four months ago, their company was actually three separate organizations that were acquired to combine expertise and […]

Narrow the Generation Gap to Create Greater Profitability

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Pat is 27. He has worked in his present job for just 1-1/2 years. One day Pat meets with his boss, the VP of Marketing, in his boss’s office. Pat begins to discuss ideas he has for creating greater awareness of the company on the Internet, specifically through a social media campaign on Facebook, […]

Stop Hiring and Hoping

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I could see angst in the hiring executive’s facial expressions; Pat’s body language spoke volumes. The organization had not taken it’s time and Chris had been hired for a key position out of desperation. Pat held back obvious anger for 90 minutes as our conversation focused on Chris’s poor performance.

“I have to do everything […]

Business As Usual

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Welcome to PMA!

I intend to provide a fresh frame of reference for business owners, leaders, and employees: business as usual will no longer cut it if your desired strategic outcome is greater profitability and/or personal fulfillment. Given how drastically business environments change, this should not be shocking news to anyone, business as usual just […]