Roll the Dice; You Feel Lucky or Successful?

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Truth be told, I can no longer stand by idly and read articles entitled, “Create your luck to better your career” or “Luck is when opportunity meets preparation.” When reading these type articles, it is clear that there is nothing that discusses “luck.” The authors speak about preparation, planning, research, etc. Where is luck […]

Great Leaders Learn How to Motivate Their People by Learning What Motivates Their People

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When company growth is at the core of a leader’s heartfelt desires, it is necessary to get employees on the same wavelength. It is possible, even when change and growth goals are ambitious, to inspire employees to put forth their best efforts.

Of course, the most important consideration for leaders is to determine what lies […]

Growth Cannot be Left to Chance

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Leaders who recognize they are ready to engage in growth and take next steps to expand their businesses, cannot expect such a change will be successful without first taking time to examine what lies before them.

Consider one of my clients and their preparation for expansion:

The CEO and the President of a company that generates […]

Learning to Love Your Job by Loving Yourself

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American workers spend approximately 65 percent or more of their waking hours working employed by someone, whether they enjoy it or not. Think about that. Think about spending approximately two of every three waking hours in an environment that does not support you, choosing to work in a job that does not build upon […]

Great Leaders Understand Sales is King

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At the conclusion of a performance period, measurements must be made. In the business, personal finance, and consumerism world, it is all about top line sales and bottom line profitability.

Thus, the most common questions from leaders at this time should be:

What is our top line performance?
What is our bottom line result?
What were our sales […]

Guarantee Success with The Relevance Factor™

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In my book, “Break Free From JobJail®: 8 Proven Steps to Freedom,” and when I speak to clients, I always reference The Relevance Factor™, a process and service I have trademarked.

As I explain during the introductory portion of many presentations, when delivering a message to any group of people, on average only 25 percent […]

The Competitive Advantage: When Customer Service Includes Accommodating Service

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It is the end of the year, the month of December 2014, and some auto manufacturers are pushing sales through their respective dealerships like there is no tomorrow. With one week left in the month, you may want to consider obtaining the car you’ve wanted for some time. It’s a buyer’s market to the […]

Think Twice Before Rehiring Former Employees

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While it may be tempting to bring back a former employee, great leaders should give such a practice a second thought.

I was consulting at a publicly held company that had gone through much change over four years, just like so many other companies that have been trying to adjust to the trials and tribulations […]

Great Leaders Don’t Let Loyalty Get In The Way of Success

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I have a client who started a company out of her living room. She began with herself and two close friends and now the company has grown, on average, 10 percent per year for the last six years. Currently the company is situated in two cities, it is growing and thriving. It is a […]

Integrating New Hires

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Key hires must be acclimated to new environments, company strategy and your organizational mission as quickly as possible. How a company brings new people on board is vital to building a foundation for long-term success. When it is not done correctly, problems can ensue and persist.

Consider the following:

Sam was being groomed for promotion from […]