5 Reasons Why Reviews and Feedback are Essential

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Two of the greatest fears people have are “the unknown” and “change.” Put them together in the workplace and the result is the “fear of failure.”

When employees, who are already concerned about their performance, see their boss’s caller ID, or the boss shows up unannounced at the cubicle or office door, the initial reaction is […]

5 Tips to Conduct Meetings that Matter

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Meetings can be effective platforms for sharing results, collaborating to improve performance and generating new ideas. But like an orchestra, a meeting is only as good as the “conductor.” A poorly conducted meeting can just as easily demoralize, de-motivate, and create disrespect and resentment among attendees.

Are people inspired and motivated by your meetings? Do […]

Great Leaders Know How People Need to Hear a Message

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Frustrated over his team’s failure to complete an assignment, Pat the CEO called a “special” meeting with his direct reports. He sent one email announcing nothing but the date, time, and venue. Because the meeting was not at their regular Monday morning time as expected, you can imagine the stories/gossip that ensued.

What precipitated this […]