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Making Smart Promotions

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Many leaders are guilty of making bad promotion decisions. Such decisions are most detrimental in small- to medium-sized companies–where the “ripple-effect” is boundless–versus larger institutions.

Consider the following:

A CEO was walking to her office when she heard yelling. One of her newly-promoted managers was scolding a new hire, just three weeks out of college. The […]

Think Twice Before Rehiring Former Employees

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While it may be tempting to bring back a former employee, great leaders should give such a practice a second thought.

I was consulting at a publicly held company that had gone through much change over four years, just like so many other companies that have been trying to adjust to the trials and tribulations […]

Integrating New Hires

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Key hires must be acclimated to new environments, company strategy and your organizational mission as quickly as possible. How a company brings new people on board is vital to building a foundation for long-term success. When it is not done correctly, problems can ensue and persist.

Consider the following:

Sam was being groomed for promotion from […]

What are they really saying? The “Unsaid” Message

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I can assure you that what a person says may be one thing, but their actions are closer to the truth.

Recently, I was assisting a client with the hiring of a manager level position. The partner in this company was very impressed with the applicant after the interview and after receiving some feedback from […]

StartUps Only: Invest in a Consultant/Advisor

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For most startups, the first rule of business is: as fast as you can, generate more revenue than you spend. There are consultants/advisors that are adept at this effort and are worthy to add as a team member to the startup mission as a third-party participant. Using a consultant/advisor should be more top of […]

History Repeats Itself

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Great leaders, regardless of needs, should give credence to the fact that history repeats itself. While this is important to note throughout the year, this is especially true at the start of the first quarter.

It is important to ask:

Did you achieve the results you were pursuing?
Have you reviewed the past year?
What worked?
What didn’t work?
What […]

5 Tips to Make a Cultural Fit  

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Workplace experts tell us that 80 percent of employees do not want to manage people, make decisions, be accountable for results, or own businesses. Further, while most employees insist they want to grow and develop to get to the next level, they expect someone else (usually an employer) to provide the path and the […]

StartUps Only: 10 Absolute Hiring Tips

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The greatest challenge for start-ups is hiring the right people into the right positions. Many times, when you have limited people on a team, hiring individuals with broader knowledge and experience who will do anything to get the job done will be far more important than hiring specialists.

As the leader of a start-up or […]

Stop Hiring and Hoping

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I could see angst in the hiring executive’s facial expressions; Pat’s body language spoke volumes. The organization had not taken it’s time and Chris had been hired for a key position out of desperation. Pat held back obvious anger for 90 minutes as our conversation focused on Chris’s poor performance.

“I have to do everything […]