Know When to Reprimand or Pursue a Teaching Moment

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Nancy was hired into an entry-level position in Human Resources immediately after college graduation. Her advantage with her new employer was that she was previously an intern with the company. Nancy showed work ethic, curiosity, a willingness to learn, and a willingness to do whatever was needed to complete a job.

For two years Nancy […]

Stress-Free Difficult Conversations

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When people anticipate a dialogue with a perceived downside-outcome, it causes anxiety eliciting a negative emotional response. This type of dialogue is called a “difficult conversation” and it occurs whenever one or both people involved in the dialogue anticipates a less than optimal scenario with that other person in the conversation.

We are all human. […]

Aggressive Versus Assertive

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There is a difference between being aggressive and being assertive. In the workplace, employees and managers working to advance themselves in their careers need to be clear on the distinction.

Aggressiveness is to be confrontational, possibly belligerent, hostile or violent behavior or attitudes toward another person. When someone is aggressive, he or she is ready […]

Great Leaders Know When to ‘Sharpen the Axe’

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President Abraham Lincoln once said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

Business leaders can “sharpen the axe” of team performance by encouraging open and honest discussions about what their organizations need to continue, stop or start doing. A great leader knows when […]

Great Leaders Should be Prepared to Reap What They Sow

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Every company has the potential to have an employee that delivers a lot to the bottom line, but creates a toxic environment that can harm the overall culture. Great leaders who avoid addressing such an issue run the risk of having to live with their choices. I found this to be the case with […]

Training Your Way to Flawless Execution

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Flawless execution must start at the beginning and carry through every subsequent step in customer engagement, sales, and fulfillment process.

Let’s look at a true-life business scenario:

“We are trying to fill positions in our retail locations. We keep identifying the same type of candidates: nice people, willing to do whatever it takes, pleasant, the type […]

Making Smart Promotions

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Many leaders are guilty of making bad promotion decisions. Such decisions are most detrimental in small- to medium-sized companies–where the “ripple-effect” is boundless–versus larger institutions.

Consider the following:

A CEO was walking to her office when she heard yelling. One of her newly-promoted managers was scolding a new hire, just three weeks out of college. The […]

Great Leaders Learn How to Motivate Their People by Learning What Motivates Their People

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When company growth is at the core of a leader’s heartfelt desires, it is necessary to get employees on the same wavelength. It is possible, even when change and growth goals are ambitious, to inspire employees to put forth their best efforts.

Of course, the most important consideration for leaders is to determine what lies […]

Growth Cannot be Left to Chance

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Leaders who recognize they are ready to engage in growth and take next steps to expand their businesses, cannot expect such a change will be successful without first taking time to examine what lies before them.

Consider one of my clients and their preparation for expansion:

The CEO and the President of a company that generates […]

Great Leaders Understand Sales is King

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At the conclusion of a performance period, measurements must be made. In the business, personal finance, and consumerism world, it is all about top line sales and bottom line profitability.

Thus, the most common questions from leaders at this time should be:

What is our top line performance?
What is our bottom line result?
What were our sales […]