Is Your Team Aligned to Pursue Brilliant Decision Making and Flawless Execution?

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Step 1: Let’s define brilliant decision making and flawless execution. Brilliant Decision Making: the ability of more than one person to come together and: create solutions, choose one, see it through, observe the results, assess and take appropriate next action.

Step 2a: If the outcome is that which was desired, that’s great! Then move on to the next […]

Want Respect? Show Respect

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A CEO who wanted to show employees appreciation for their “stick-to-it” attitudes, dependability, and loyalty during tough economic times–but didn’t know how—distributed a survey. The result was an overwhelming request from the employees for an on-site barbeque lunch.

The CEO has a manager coordinate the event. This manager understands the employees well and knows they […]

5 Reasons Why Reviews and Feedback are Essential

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Two of the greatest fears people have are “the unknown” and “change.” Put them together in the workplace and the result is the “fear of failure.”

When employees, who are already concerned about their performance, see their boss’s caller ID, or the boss shows up unannounced at the cubicle or office door, the initial reaction is […]

Blame Comes in the Form of an Arrow: Though the Tip Points at Someone Else, the Feathers Point to the Shooter

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A client of mine has a business that’s grown in four years from the couch of her living room and three customers to 40 clients and millions in revenue. Can you say rapid expansion? Now this CEO/owner has more problems to solve than she has time and energy (or so she thinks).

Too often, success […]

Great Leaders are Interested in Their People’s Success

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Twelve vice presidents are seated at a large rectangular table, looking at each other and wondering what to do. Their company’s latest software release went out with bugs and frantic clients are calling to demand immediate fixes.

Until four months ago, their company was actually three separate organizations that were acquired to combine expertise and […]