What Happens in Life is Your Choice

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Virtually everything that happens to you or for you is by your own choice. People often approach life from the perspective that “stuff” happens to them. In reality each person is simply choosing not to take action, not to choose the destiny he or she desires in order to pass blame.

Let me explain: Imagine […]

Training Your Way to Flawless Execution

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Flawless execution must start at the beginning and carry through every subsequent step in customer engagement, sales, and fulfillment process.

Let’s look at a true-life business scenario:

“We are trying to fill positions in our retail locations. We keep identifying the same type of candidates: nice people, willing to do whatever it takes, pleasant, the type […]

Roll the Dice; You Feel Lucky or Successful?

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Truth be told, I can no longer stand by idly and read articles entitled, “Create your luck to better your career” or “Luck is when opportunity meets preparation.” When reading these type articles, it is clear that there is nothing that discusses “luck.” The authors speak about preparation, planning, research, etc. Where is luck […]

Growth Cannot be Left to Chance

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Leaders who recognize they are ready to engage in growth and take next steps to expand their businesses, cannot expect such a change will be successful without first taking time to examine what lies before them.

Consider one of my clients and their preparation for expansion:

The CEO and the President of a company that generates […]

Great Leaders Understand Sales is King

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At the conclusion of a performance period, measurements must be made. In the business, personal finance, and consumerism world, it is all about top line sales and bottom line profitability.

Thus, the most common questions from leaders at this time should be:

What is our top line performance?
What is our bottom line result?
What were our sales […]

Be Sincere When Asking for Feedback

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The CEO of a company operating in a highly-competitive industry with high-maintenance clients who demand 24 x 7 availability and near-instant responsiveness sought employee feedback to foster an environment in which the team could work productively and consistently provide excellent customer care.

The CEO distributed an anonymous “culture survey” to employees, requesting candid feedback in […]

Think Twice Before Rehiring Former Employees

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While it may be tempting to bring back a former employee, great leaders should give such a practice a second thought.

I was consulting at a publicly held company that had gone through much change over four years, just like so many other companies that have been trying to adjust to the trials and tribulations […]

The Importance of a Plan B

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All people–fortunately or unfortunately–are dispensable. One person cannot control another person and, should they quit tomorrow, there is little a boss can do beyond having a contingency plan in place. Good leaders need to shift their paradigm to accepting circumstances may never change and always have a Plan B.

An illustration:

On a Thursday, approximately five […]

Setting and Getting to Your Goal

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Dave Kohl, professor emeritus at Virginia Tech, says that people who regularly write down their goals earn nine times as much over their lifetimes as the people who do not. However, 80 percent of Americans say they don’t have goals. Additionally, there is another 16 percent of Americans who say they do have goals, […]

StartUps Only: Invest in a Consultant/Advisor

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For most startups, the first rule of business is: as fast as you can, generate more revenue than you spend. There are consultants/advisors that are adept at this effort and are worthy to add as a team member to the startup mission as a third-party participant. Using a consultant/advisor should be more top of […]