Corporate Team Off-Sites

Client’s Choice of Venue

Stuart Friedman

At an off-site venue of the client’s choice, PMA engages leaders and teams in the process of improving individual and team performance through probing and provocative inquiry that moves participants out of their comfort zones, empowering them to be vulnerable and to take risks.

PMA gets team members to communicate more openly, to be more comfortable holding each other accountable, and to be more willing to engage in constructive conflict.


Through ACTION LEARNING EXPERIENCE, PMA guides teams to discuss the real issues, learn applications to resolve, and then collaborate during this time away.

Participants receive an elegant balance of theoretical materials along with facilitated tactical and detailed discussions about their business. The focus is on real-life challenges and participants are urged to use their new skills to resolve issues currently presenting barriers to their success.

The ACTION LEARNING EXPERIENCE workshop is a perfect balance of humor, theory, and practical application in a fun, interactive, and productive environment.

…all of us had some experience with ‘off-sites,’ ‘team-building,’ and programs designed to help us communicate better, yet our experience with Stuart surpassed all expectations. A consummate professional with a vigorous attention to detail and keen sense of humor, Stuart elegantly balanced teaching theoretical materials with facilitating tactical and detailed discussions about our business. Not only did we learn from his teachings, but our management team discussed and resolved several thorny issues while Stuart facilitated highly constructive conversations.

Elliot Weissbluth, CEO, HighTower Advisors


  • Prepares individuals to contribute to highly successful team efforts.
  • Objectively measures the skill sets, communication effectiveness, and leadership prowess of individual team members.
  • Assesses individual leadership abilities and styles, identifying assets as well as challenges.
  • Creates and executes programs designed to build the skills necessary for individuals to perform as part of a highly-functioning team.
  • Works with individual team members to shift behaviors, grow leadership presence, sharpen communication skills, and pursue brilliant decision-making.
  • Helps identify bottlenecks and dysfunction that are limiting team success.
  • Examines ways individuals can better lead meetings to establish clear objectives, facilitate discussion, enhance planning, and foster accountability.
  • Measures effectiveness, fine-tunes, and reinforces new behaviors with planned follow-up as necessary.

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