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Stuart Friedman

PMA coaches business leaders to go beyond what they believe is possible.

When what’s worked in the past is no longer effective or when companies need their leaders to step up to the ‘next level,’ organizations turn to coaching as a proven method for growing and nurturing the leadership and managerial prowess of key executives.

As a trusted advisor, Stuart Friedman provides one-to-one coaching for leaders so they are in a position to perform at their personal and professional bests in congruence with their skill sets and in support of company goals.


    • Step 1 – Create a Coaching Program custom designed especially to address the strengths, blindspot, and desires of you and your team.
    • Step 2 – Gain clarity about WHO you are, your natural tendencies (your communication behaviors and leadership and managerial styles) and not just WHAT you do.
    • Step 3 – Learn and adopt modifications to your behaviors so…
  • You can go beyond what you think is possible
  • You can achieve strategic and heart-felt desires
  • You can get to brilliant decision making
  • You can get people to hear 100% of your message and achieve flawless execution
  • You can shorten the timeframe to get in relationships with prospective clients/customers and shorten the sales cycle

I support my coaching clients to go beyond what they think is possible so they can see immediate and practical solutions to their real life issues. I help them assess and cultivate their own strengths so they can develop into better leaders and better team members, and achieve better outcomes.

Stuart Friedman, PMA


Some individuals benefit from a methodical approach to change, acquiring new skills, and adopting new ways of thinking, while others prefer to go “all-in” to modify behavior and achieve desired outcomes in a shorter timeframe.

  • Progressive, Incremental Approach – Usually conducted over the course of 6 to 12 months, this approach to coaching is perfect for individuals who manage change better incrementally, and whose busy schedule requires it.
  • High Impact, Intensive Approach – For individuals who want to see change now, or whose timeline requires a more focused regimen, the intensive approach to coaching can achieve meaningful results within three months.

Either of these approaches is valid, and both are supported equally by PMA. Coaching is provided face-to-face, by phone, or as a combination of the two methods.


  • Measures the skill sets, communication behaviors, and leadership style of the person being coached to understand better who the person is and not just what he or she does.
  • Uses coaching techniques to grow an individual’s communication, listening, and leadership skills.
  • Creates and executes coaching programs designed to shift behaviors that are limiting individual and team success.
  • Guides and advises leaders in the pursuit of brilliant decision making.
  • Teaches leaders how to use coaching methods to motivate and interact with others.
  • Measures coaching effectiveness, fine-tunes, and provides ongoing and planned follow-up to reinforce new behaviors.

Create the Success You Choose

With Progressive Management Associates as your partner, you can make progress with certainty. Contact PMA founder Stuart Friedman ( info@pma-co.com) to engage in proven processes for provoking and motivating to achieve your strategic outcomes and heart-felt desires.