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Stuart Friedman

Reasons why meeting planners love booking Stuart Friedman

  1. Consummate Professional: Stuart earns his living speaking to audiences of great leaders who represent more than 125 different industries.
  2. Customizes Presentations: Stuart tailors presentations to meet the needs of the group.
  3. Expertise: Stuart provides proven references, sample materials and testimonials.
  4. Results Oriented: At the end of the seminar attendees often say that Stuart’s session was inspirational, entertaining, engaging, results driven, thought provoking and insightful.
  5. Team Player: Stuart is committed to making the meeting planners look good in the eyes of their respective clients.
  6. Conscientious Partner: Stuart makes sure his client’s concerns are addressed and desires are met.

Reasons why companies hire Stuart to speak at programs

  1. Energized and Skillful Speaker: Stuart is an entertaining, engaging and results-oriented speaker.
  2. Welcoming Personality: Stuart’s approach puts his audience at ease while empowering them to overcome individual and organizational barriers.
  3. Dares Group to Get Out of Comfort Zone: Stuart challenges participants to think differently. His thoughtful and behavior provoking program pushes executives to contemplate beyond what they think is possible to achieve the next level of success.
  4. Gives Useful Tools: Stuart provides insightful thoughts and action steps for participants to walk away and begin to implement immediately. He gives simple tools that motivate staff to quickly reach desired outcomes to soar to the next level of success.
  5. Focuses Group’s Attention: He teaches participants to identify where to place emphasis, and how to motivate their teams to prepare to make the shift necessary to achieve the desired goals.
  6. Realistic Expectations: He gives participants clear and immediate practical solutions to solve business and real life issues.

Customized Topics Include:

  1. Get people to hear 100% of your message even when they don’t care what you have to say!
  2. Become relevant in the minds of those you are trying to influence to your point of view!
  3. Influence your people/team to adapt to change in the shortest period of time!
  4. Lead your team to “Brilliant Decision Making!”
  5. Learn how to get your “non-sales” individuals fully engaged in sales!
  6. Start trusting people you don’t trust so you can stop doing their work (instead of doing everyone else’s work).
  7. Guide your people to complete 100% of their projects.

Create the Success You Choose

With Progressive Management Associates as your partner, you can make progress with certainty. Contact PMA founder Stuart Friedman ( to engage in proven processes for provoking and motivating to achieve your strategic outcomes and heart-felt desires.