Are you friendly? Can you support someone else’s purpose? Can you care about or are you concerned about others (such as your supervisor or associates) and what’s important to them? Are you authentic and honest? Can you live outside of your ego/self-image to fulfill someone else’s objectives and requests?

These are important qualities to have in the workplace. Going to work each day shouldn’t just be about how you make a living. If you wish to establish or further your career, it’s important to be a team player who is plugged into the organization.

Making “connections” at work, while generating positive energy in your favor is completely a choice you can make when you work in a team environment. Take actions that endear you to others and inspire employees to want to work for (or with) you. This, in turn, brings out the best in others and their effort increases.

As soon as possible, begin incorporating the following steps in your daily interactions with others:

  1. Increase your friendliness quotient. Make an effort to greet people cheerfully. SMILE!
  2. Raise your awareness of the Relevance Factor (what’s most relevant and most important to a person at any given time or place). Take interest in and align yourself with the goals, wants and needs of others.
  3. Express yourself and let go of a self-centered approach to your job. Be accepting of your natural born tools (strengths/talents) as they are. Also be accepting and understanding the natural born tools and priority values of others.
  4. Show empathy. Show the capacity to see things from another person’s point of view and experience his or her feelings.
  5. Be credible. Always finish what you start, communicate openly and honestly, keep your word, treat others with dignity and respect and always say “please and thank you.”

The choice is yours!

Stuart Friedman is president of Progressive Management Associates. He is a business visionary who creates environments that inspire interaction, self-awareness and results. Reach Stuart via email: