Measure and Quantify Human Capital

site logo PMA’s mission is to ensure you maximize an individual’s performance resulting in creating high performance teams –whether you’re hiring into a position or assessing current team talent. We do this by quantifying and factually measuring your company’s “human dynamic” via a psychometric tool, OAD (Organization Analysis and Design), assessing (not an all-inclusive list):

  • Communication style
  • Decision-making style
  • Leadership qualities of people at all levels of your organization

As a result, you gain insight around the specific traits and behaviors of your leaders and team members—critical knowledge and understanding that others may not perceive.


Surveys Only*

  • Receive a report containing results for:
    • An individual
    • An individual on a team
    • All individuals of a team

    *Pricing begins at $570/survey


  • Receive a report containing results for each individual on the team
  • Discussion of results, a deeper level of interpretation
  • Consultation/insights (personalized) on team and respective individuals provided for requesting Leader by PMA


  • Receive a report containing  results for each individual on the team
  • Discussion of results, a deeper level of interpretation
  • Consultation/insights (personalized) on team and respective individuals provided for requesting Leader by PMA
  • Scheduled webinar for all individuals (up to 12 team members) on team
    • Discuss results in relation to all team members
    • Discuss behavior modification to increase communication effectiveness
    • Etc.
** Ask about special consideration for Startup Organizations

Break Free From JobJail®

8 Proven Steps to Freedom… and You Don’t Have To Quit Your Job!

American workers spend over 60 percent of their waking hours on the job and more than 75 percent work at jobs they do not enjoy. Despite our best intentions and no matter what position we occupy (president, CEO, VP, director, manager, team lead, staff member, or whether self-employed, a business owner, or even a work-at-home mom or dad), when our work environment does not support who we are – if it does not align with our strengths, our natural abilities, and how we are wired – we feel stressed, unfulfilled, and anxious. This is JobJail®. Break Free From JobJail® 8 Proven Steps to Freedom is an 8-step process featuring easy-to-follow exercises aimed at in-depth self- examination, inventory-taking, and personal assessment. Those who complete the process are better able to understand how they are wired, the kinds of environments in which they are most likely to excel, and can then align their strengths and values to become inspired with their job choices—whether their break free plan is ultimately to reinvent themselves and their current situation or to seek opportunities elsewhere.

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This is essential reading for business owners, executives, managers, entrepreneurs, the self-employed—practically everyone in a job or career that does not align with their value priorities and natural abilities. This book is ‘right-on’ and provides a step-by-step process for readers to break free from their respective JobJails and create a destiny of their choosing.
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Create the Success You Choose

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