What clients are saying about Stuart Friedman…

Thank you for the exceptional job you did leading our off-site leadership retreat. These events usually have a lot of ‘consultant speak’ and concepts difficult to put into practice. You focused us on real-life challenges and demanded that we use the new skills you shared to move forward. There was no ‘fluff’– just real substance.

Charles Schwab
Dave Pottruck

Former CEO, Charles Schwab, current Chairman of the Board High Tower Advisors

[Stuart Friedman was] an important reason for the growth of my office. I didn’t have the right team in place when I joined and with [his] help (OK, so I didn’t listen well initially but eventually…) I have dramatically upgraded the personnel we need to succeed…Stuart Friedman was a critical part of my staffing plan and building my team. Thank you!

HighTower Advisors
Tim Scannell

Managing Director, High Tower Advisors – (Who grew his bottom line by an astounding 26% in 2014)

…all of us had some experience with ‘off-sites,’ ‘team-building,’ and programs designed to help us communicate better, yet our experience with Stuart surpassed all expectations. A consummate professional with a vigorous attention to detail and keen sense of humor, Stuart elegantly balanced teaching theoretical materials with facilitating tactical and detailed discussions about our business. Not only did we learn from his teachings, but our management team discussed and resolved several thorny issues while Stuart facilitated highly constructive conversations.

HighTower Advisors
Elliot Weissbluth

CEO, HighTower Advisors

Stuart led various sessions during the NHPCO’s Fall Clinical Conference in Denver, Colorado as part of the conference “Leading and Managing in Tough Economic Times”. Stuart was engaging while challenging participants to think differently in how to manage communications regarding various cultural changes and addressing how to deal with reactions to change and addressing needed behavioral changes. Stuart brought many insightful thoughts and action steps from his experience in working directly with hospice providers in organizational and management strategic planning efforts.

Crowe Horwath
Jim Ridendaur

Partner, Crowe Horwath

Recently, I had the pleasure of having Stuart Friedman make presentations to my Vistage groups. As is our practice, members complete a Vistage evaluation form on the content and delivery of every program. Stuart’s scores were among the highest ever given by my groups. I believe that the scores reflect not only Stuart’s knowledge of the subject and his very entertaining and interactive delivery, but also the amount of pre-meeting work that he does to customize the presentation for each member of the audience. My members gained valuable knowledge that they can put to use right away to become more effective communicators and leaders of their organizations.

Vistage Chair
Stan Wyler

Vistage Chair, Buffalo, NY

Great job on your presentation; the best I’ve heard since joining Vistage!!

Summit State Banke
Britt Cooper

SVP, Director of Branch Relationships, Summit State Bank

As an Executive Coach, Stuart Friedman tailors his approach to the needs of clients, drawing upon his vast experience working with strategic leaders to push individual thought engines in pursuit of personal and career aspirations.

Mary Ellen Frese

Sr. Director Customer Care, Hu-Friedy Mfg. Co. LLC

The information you shared was very relevant, eye-opening and gave me plenty of thought on the dynamics of the team members I manage.

Judy Pretto

Manager of Marketing & Public Relations/Riverside Medical Center

Stuart’s unique capabilities and insight has proven to be a valuable asset to Treasury Partners (a multi-billion dollar asset manager) at HighTower Advisors, LLC. He brings a no-nonsense approach, with simple applications to help align current and prospective team members. His keen assessments during the hiring process have enabled us to better discern who is right for our team and culture. Stuart is a consultant that has assisted us in maintaining our competitive edge.

Richard Saperstein

Managing Partner/Principal Senior Portfolio Manager

Stuart Friedman’s blend of humor, irreverence, intensity, and real-world expertise were just what we needed to help guide, the organization to improved profitability, a $1.6 million increase in operating earnings, and a 14% reduction in costs from one year to the next…and we did it all in just six months. Stuart Friedman’s ability to help our organization clarify goals, commit to outcomes, and hire the right people in the right jobs was pivotal to our results. We couldn’t have done it without him.

Midwest Palliative and Hospice CareCenter
Mary Sheehan

CEO, Midwest Palliative and Hospice CareCenter, MBA, MSN, RN

Stuart is both an entertaining and results-oriented speaker.His style puts his audience at ease, yet produces the desired result of helping individuals assess issues and barriers that are impacting their own performance. Stuart is the perfect choice as a speaker for any organization that wants to empower their staff to take a look at what they are doing individually in order for them to become more effective team members working toward a common goal.

Mesilla Valley Hospice
Donna Brown

Executive Director, Mesilla Valley Hospice

The audience genuinely identified with his message, which was simultaneously practical, inspiring and absolutely on point. His approach is remarkably effective and his content insightful and timely. Everyone seemed re-energized by having been entertained, informed and given useful tools to take back home. I would highly recommend Stuart Friedman… With both substance and style, he delivers.

Mark Murray

CEO/President, Healthcare, Chairman of the Board of NHPCO

I enjoyed the topic and especially your presentation. You kept everyone on their toes and made us laugh as well….very engaging…The group was warm and it reminded me that I’m not the only person dealing with big and heavy issues. I’m looking forward to being able to share best practices and continue my development outside of the HR world.

Geraldine Flatt, SPHR

VP, Human Resources &Retail Operations, Freixenet USA

…what a great way to get members bonded early on. Stuart’s Provoke, Motivate and Achieve approach gets them talking and gets them thinking. He has also done follow-on sessions with many of my CEOs and their management teams also with rave reviews… If you haven’t had Stuart speak to your groups yet, I encourage you to.

Elisa K. Spain

President, EKS LTD

Stuart Friedman was brought in as a consultant to our organization. He brings focus, energy, and honesty to a results-oriented process aimed at improving team performance. He is a dynamic and provocative individual who has a proven success record in helping individuals and organizations improve performance…key objectives were to get the senior leadership team to communicate more openly, be more comfortable holding each other accountable, and be more willing to engage in constructive conflict. Throughout the session, Stuart asked probing and provocative questions that got members of the team out of their comfort zones. Stuart effectively created an environment that enabled members to be vulnerable and to take risks with an objective of improving our individual and team performance.

HighTower Advisors
Mike LaMena

COO, HighTower Advisors

I can’t begin to express how thankful I am for your intervention, your outstanding analysis of our need and your perceptive and ‘spot on’ response.  Without you, I honestly don’t know what would have happened to the team that I built and worked on for more than 15 years.

HighTower Advisors
Maynard Lichterman

Senior Vice President, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

One of my biggest challenges as president and CEO is to create alignment with my team and then to mobilize them so we can be achieve our objective. Stuart brings a skill set and useful techniques to help us learn more as an organization and as individuals so we can be successful.

Grecian Delight Food
Peter Parthenis

President and CEO of Grecian Delight Foods

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